Landmark the Elmwood Village

Today many consider the Elmwood Village characteristically “Buffalo” in spirit and form. Built during the height of the city’s economic, cultural and financial boom at the end of the nineteenth and dawn of the twentieth centuries, the the houses, apartment buildings, and commercial structures are characteristic of Buffalo’s finest residential stock. In celebration of this cultural and architectural history, the neighborhood and its 3,400+ properties were successfully nominated to the National Register of Historic Places several years ago.

As the Elmwood Village continues to be one of the city’s most popular and vibrant neighborhoods, Residents of the Elmwood Village (REV) is organizing to submit the neighborhood to the City of Buffalo for landmarking as a local historic district. Securing local landmark status will provide the Elmwood Village residents and property owners with a voice in their future of their community and all it has to offer.

In July and August 2021, REV hosted three community meetings in partnership with Preservation Buffalo Niagara. The first two meeting were held in-person, but below please find the recording of the third, virtual meeting which was held on August 24th.